Saturday, September 29, 2012

Attempting to make a home

                                                           New curtains thanks to Cindy
                                                              Cloth diapering like a pro
                                                                   More curtians
                                           Our half wall .. one of my fav things of our house
                                                                   Our little corner
                          We used a pallet to hold some of my books and pictures Not sure if I like it yet
                                                      Our front door corner coming along

Morning Coffee

Every once in a while my parents come over for some fresh coffee. I really enjoy these mornings with them. Just some good one on one time with lilly and discussing new shows and movies and music with my Dad. Lilly is napping right now and then we are heading out for a long walk. Hope everyones day is wonderful!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weigh in

                    2 Pounds this week steps! so that is a total of 5 lost! Must keep at it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


                                      I still can not believe we have a family... SO blessed.
SO I am still going to WEB, the bible study at calvary. So far so good! This upcoming Tuesday I am going to give MOPS a shot! The Wednesday night "Mission of Motherhood" is going good also! I am really enjoying the book so far! Tomorrow I weigh in for my week 2 of Biggest Loser! Carl has been getting 40 hours a week! He is such a hard worker I could not ask for a better man! OH and I had my first pumpkin latte! Devine! I am hoping that carl and I can soon establish a regular date night... we really need that. BUT if we can not I found this article with ideas for date nights at home! Date nights at home!  SO we will just have to make due :) Over all I am so overwhelmed with God's amazing Grace with me...I am slowly learning how to be a mom and as soon as I think I got it down... then comes another phase and I am so frustrated.. But I am encouraged that I can do this!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week One!

                                                 3 Pounds down! 
                                              I know not a lot. BUT still good motivation.
                                                             Time to kick it into gear!
                                                                    7 Weeks to go!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Moral support

                                  This is MY husband .. every bit of it! I could not be luckier ...
                                 and its just an adorable and how I am feeling video . The End.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sweat and projects!

I have 54 more days to go for the Biggest loser shelton! I am so exhausted from all the cardio ... its all new to me! Not brand new BUT pretty close! Carl has been so supportive! I have cut sugar and bread completely out of my diet... Which makes me cranky, especially in the props to my husband for being so supportive!

On the project side! I am picking this little bench up tomorrow from a random lady :) I am excited to paint it and put it right inside our front door! slowly making the house the way I have imagined...

OH and cloth diapering??? How is it going??

except the solid poops.
and when it leaked on me.
BUT besides that

Monday, September 10, 2012

Starting Wednesday! 8 weeks of sweat!

Actual sweat!
Okay here it goes. 20 bucks in the pot for each person . Winner takes all.
Here is the site if you wanna know what I am joining.
I have always been the big girl and frankly I do not mind. BUT after having lilly I Got bigger.. and to the point where I am not comfortable in my own skin. SO taking action and my husband is 100% behind me in this challenge! Here it goes! Time to sweat!
Link to biggest loser shelton

Carl's days off

So today and tomorrow are Carl's days off! It is so nice for him to have 2 days off in a row! SO rare too!

I love his days off! He makes breakfast while I take care of lils and we watch the news over coffee! YES, coffee! Ever since having lils and marrying Carl I have grown to love the caffeinated drink more and more!

We went on a stroll to Jays which is about 7 blocks away. We bought a bunch of produce. Jays has to be our favorite place we go there about 2 times a week!

Oatmeal Cookies  I have been craving these for some time! If you click on the link it will take you to the recipe that I used :) Carl LOVES these cookies and Its his day off so I made him some ! well... I guess I use that as an excuse to make me some too! I cut the recipe in half so that we do not have much batter ( which equals less sugar intake for carl and I )

We also put this in the crock-pot for dinner tonight Chicken tortilla soup!

Tomorrow we are going on a walk to Safeway for breakfast, Bagels. Then to Kids Castle to show carl the kids store in Shelton! Heres their Facebook if you wanna check it out!

OH and we can not have a post without a pic of Lils <3 This is our attempt of getting a pic of her tooth.. did not really work BUT so cute...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

So it begins :)

Hoping and praying that I like cloth and that I get the hang of it ASAP :) I will let you know how it goes.. Lils is napping in her crib with her first cloth diaper on so...We shall see.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall is Coming!

Every Morning its getting lighter out earlier :) The evening is getting darker earlier <3 I could not be more excited for fall! 
                      So here the school year has arrived. This is my first year of being a "stay at home mom" BUT I am longing to not be so much "stay at home" and more out and about! This will be NEW for me .. I really am a home-buddy person. SO to make myself get out of the house I signed up for several things. 
         WEB at calvary church in olympia... Now I told myself I would NOT ever go to calvary... I do not have a exact reason.. I think I am still mad at them charging us to have our wedding there ...when Carl went there his whole life... BUT I will not vent about this NO .. haha I told myself this will be a happy blog :) So I am going to give it my all to attend this bible study and I am actually really excited to be back in the word again.. Been lacking a lot lately with the transition to a new baby. 
         SO I am going to do every other week with WEB cause the other week I am going to push myself to go to MOPS. I am excited to meet other moms and just socialize more! 
         I am also involved in NOMT this year. It a yearly musical that the high school puts on. I am really excited to get to know the high school girls there! That is the main reason I want to do it. Also I think the arts are super important and I want to encourage kids to get involved! 
        I am also going to try my sisters moms study at night. We are going to be reading a book called The mission of Motherhood. I am excited for this group cause they are girls I do not know and the book looks really good. 

SO I am excited to see how much I actually keep up on! I am going to try as much as possible! 
OH and Lils has her first tooth ! Pics to come of that! if she lets me hee hee