Saturday, January 12, 2013

Issues with Hope

 I have been having issues with "Hope" lately. I have been watching some people abuse it. It is just ruining the whole idea of hope for me. Sometimes I find myself screaming JUST GIVE UP ALREADY! Sometimes I find myself saying "aw.. OH honey..." (HIMYM Reference)  I do not ever want to give up on hope... But at the same time there is a time for everything. Maybe its just not that time for what you want... Oh and a lot of time I find us hoping for a "want" not a need and that alone is annoying.
Reason for venting : Just been a little everywhere lately.. what do they say " spread thin"
On a more enlightening note.. Carl and I have been doing pretty good with our resolutions. We have downloaded a couple bible reading programs and have been doing them at night. Were on an obedience one and we just finished a love and marriage one. Lilly is not crawling and pulling herself up on everything. I sometimes feel like a human jungle gym.
We have also been doing good on our eating. Always could be doing better!
We are not sure about the cruise now.. which is frustrating...We just want to make the right choices with our money.. but at the same time want to invest in our marriage and make time for us.. We go on a date night once a month.. sheesh. Lils is getting older though so that may change with time! She is less than 3 months away from being 1 year!

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