Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spiritual maturity and shit.

Yes, the title kind of contradicts itself.
But I guess this is just how I feel.
It is so freaking hard to grow in Christ.
Especially with so much that is happening...

If you do not know Carl and I have been the victim of a lot of crime and theft as of late. Were doing okay. Trying to figure it all out.. lots of paperwork and waiting. waiting.
Im so frustrated with people who take what belongs to others.
I try to have a good attitude about it... but Im just mad ..

Lately I have just been getting through every day.
Just making it to the end of the day is just success for me!

I caught up on my WEB bible study and that is going good. I sometimes wish it was more social of a bible study .. I feel we just go in answer questions then leave. BUT I kind of had a feeling it would be that way.. and I am learning a lot :)

I am also starting the second book in my Wednesday group. Guess what its a beth Moore book!
I KNOW .. I am trying to look past the big hair and texas background .. Someone mentioned to me .. "well you like joyce meyer" so I guess Ill give Beth Moore a chance!
So far so good!

Carl has been working tons. Such a hard worker.
I do miss him on Sundays though. I despise going to church by myself.
I am trying a church in shelton with a couple of my mom friends and I am going to make myself try it for a month! and really see if I like the preaching and worship and if Carl likes it too.

I guess I have just been really feeling the tug from God ... "Sue its time to grow up now" and I guess I am just dragging my feet.. but I also long for it too...
I really want people to see or know me and be like yeah she is a christian.. for so long I was not living my life that way..
But then I know that means having to face my hatred of "the church" and " the followers" and I do not want to face that cause 99.9% of that based hatred it false.. or not false just stupid.

The Lord has been answering my prayers lately for new friends :) mom friends especially..
I have really enjoyed mops!
I met a girl named angie there and seriously am so blessed by her! So glad I went to mops this year!

Anyhoo that is me as of late.. Lils is 16 pounds at her check up today!
but Healthy :)

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