Tuesday, January 1, 2013


SO this month has been rough for nursing.
Lils rarely does a good feed.

I think by the end of january she will be completely done nursing.
I have mixed feelings....
I am frustrated that I did not do the whole first year like I wanted to...
At the same time I am proud of myself for doing 9 months!
Saves us a lot of money! and she will be done with formula soon!

Im just annoyed already with the mommy crowd.
ALL the MUST breast feed at all times crowd.
I've already gotten people who have prayed over my breast.
I just say nothing. smile awkwardly
Im used to the random people now that feel they need to pray for me and my life (wether I pray along or not)  

So to those mom who think I have failed.
I have not.

I am happy I did get to nurse as long as I did! Its weird ... I am almost done nursing my first child. eek. weird.

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