Friday, January 18, 2013

Our hearts

So I have always had in my heart a desire to help youth.. and now being a mom it has been on my heart even more.. like daily.

Carl and I have been discussing fostering a child. Not just this last week or last month but since say our 3rd date. I have always been upfront with him on this and telling him someday it is my desire.. and thank the Lord it was also written on his heart.
Every time we mention it to someone people throw red flags at us.. and we get it. There is a lot to consider and be cautious of. Im nervous people will be nervous for us. Or scared of our family .. cause to be honest people are scared or fearful of foster children... at least most that I have come into contact with. I am not going to lie either I am nervous. WE are nervous. We also feel this is something that has been put on our hearts..
First things first.. we need to seek out advice on this from people who have been there.. people who can give us in-site. We also need to pray pray and pray about this. Then pray some more.  We both want to do it .. so bad. We also both want to do the Lords will. So with caution ... and with that said we have started the process of looking into becoming foster parents.

There the cat is out of the bag :)  kind of.

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