Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Branching out.

Hey Ladies and Gents.

So here is the thing.. I have been working so hard with lils schedule. Thus why I have such a good sleeper at night. ( With the occasional 5 days a month I do not or when she is sick ) Anyhoo.
She is 10 months and one week right now..
SO Im trying to branch out.
I have been attending the Presbyterian church in shelton almost 2 months now and I have been enjoying it. So I wanted to try helping with the youth. I have always wanted to see if that was my "thing" or not. Or just how I can get involved in this church. Carl and I desperately want to find a church of our own that we can pour ourselves into and just get involved. ( I am getting sidetracked.)
SO scheduling. Yes.
I have the best baby sitter ever. truly, love her. even before babysitting she was in my wedding and is one of my favorite people in the world. :)
She is now also babysitting for friends so I do not get her as much. Which is okay cause the friends have more kids than I do and need more help. BUT I was stuck.. I said I would help drive the youth to DQ for ice cream and just observe the youth for a month and I just kept using my baby as an excuse for not being able to help/go( and we did get sick too). I asked the babysitter (hana) if she could watch and she couldnt( I did ask pretty last minute) . SO I was like, you know what I am going to go anyways and just see if Lils melts down.
You see.. She has not been up past 730 (Except when she would be hard to put down ) But yeah.. we ALWAYS stick to the schedule. I was so nervous to have her out that late but before we went out I prayed.. I know some might think I am crazy .. but this was a BIG deal to me .. and God listens to all prayers so back off ;) hahaha
Anyhoo long story short She did great. We got home at 8 .. did no bath and put her to bed. She slept till 8am :) like a champ.

So DO NOT go crazy here.. this does not mean I am going to be out all the time at night OR DOING LATE DINNERS!  .. and I only do this for people I like ;) .. Erin clifton is pretty freaking awesome though and the youth were fun!
So now I feel I have hit a mile stone.
I am learning to branch out.
this is good.
Wait did I like the youth event you ask?
Yeah I did .. I am going to keep trying it out for a month maybe longer but I want to get involved. and Next is music... man I miss leading/singing worship .. so I am going to dabble there too. :)  I am really hoping this is where the Lord wants us to be (church wise) Cause I do not think I can take more (3 min) stand up and great one another with people I do not know.. cringe. (even though I know that is good for me)

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