Sunday, February 24, 2013

Overwhelmed does not = less faith

A lot is going on.
Maybe not but I feel like it is.

I am just Overwhelmed. So many things going on. I feel every day is packed full of stuff. If you know me I am not the packed kind of girl. I like my own schedule. Sue time.
At the same time though I have been overwhelmed with the love of my friends and just the ones I have and really pouring time and love into them.

Taxes. Do not want to talk about them.
I just thought with them we would be able to pay off our baby bills and get a desktop. Who knows now... Not getting back very much .. well some but nothing to be un-responsible with. Sometimes I wish I was still working. BUT that is only when I want things I do not need... and being responsible sucks. Lets just be honest here people it flat out sucks. There goes our 2nd anniversary.

Moving on to more positive things.. here is a cute picture of my daughter. :) cute huh ... Look at those cheeks! hehe

SO I have been testing the waters with working with the youth group at our church we have been going to. I am loving it so far. The kids even remembered my name when I returned the 2nd week! I really feel this is where God wants us right now. I can finally breathe and stop running around to so many churches. Now to get involved in the music!

Here is another cute pic of our adorable swing loving sassy child :)
Yes, she is already sassy!

So screw statistics. What the heck was I thinking. I think I signed up for that when I was felt under accomplished and stupid.
Next time Ill just pick up war and peace.

I think some people we just are not meant to be friends with .. or associate with. AND I think that is okay. You do not have to be friends with everyone..
You can be nice and tolerate people but being friends.. no, not meant for everyone.
EVEN family.

Anyways on the overwhelmed not = less faith.
I have to keep reminding myself of that... no matter the crap that keeps flying our way.. budgeting, lils teething, family issues, did I mention budgeting...? ugh.
BUT through this .. there is not reason to doubt .. to worry.. I mean there is reason and its easy to do.. but God is bigger .. even though I hate that saying... Its sounds cheesy BUT seriously so so true! God is bigger..

If you have gotten this far.. I love you. ha ha

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