Thursday, February 7, 2013

Piling my plate up. Only to throw it in the trash.

SO I just signed up for a statics class online. Yep. I know. Why?!?!

Cause I did.

SO that starts the 20th. If I do not have enough on my plate already..
Anyhoo. With that said.. Lately I feel like I am always busy. I seriously have no idea how parents with more than one child do everyday life. Its a chore for me to go to the park! Which I just may do today. Freaking nice outside.

SO my goal about being a "real" person this year is going okay :) I guess I am just sick of how tired I make myself trying to put my best self forward.
I Do not want people to think my life is perfect from Facebook post everyday about HOW MUCH I LOVE my husband or our 3 course dinner I prepared right after I jumped off the treadmill for an hour( when does that EVER happen) Why do we feel the need to always show our best to our "friends" and family? Its just not realistic. For some it is. Me? No.

So I am throwing a 31 party on the 2nd .. I was debating selling the stuff .. then decided not to. I am just going to throw a party once a year. I do LOVE the stuff though.. so much. Its definitely the new craze for me.

Pictures :) I am learning so much and feel I have so much more to learn but not in a discouraging way.. in a I can not wait to learn and do more with photography.. Were getting a desktop if all goes well with the taxes and such.. instead of the cruise.. yeah I know.. BUT overall its a good decision for us :)

Cause then these pictures will be even better! My laptop is just dying.. slow.. and its super hard to edit with such a small screen and just .. yeah.. lol

OH lils is 10 months!
Her 1st Bday is just around the corner. :) Im going to go crazy with the party!
SOME people say who cares she wont remember .. I say I will remember and 1stbdays are really for the parents.. YAY YOU SURVIVED the  first year! WOOT! SO bite me negative nancy people! :)
Its elmo theme :) we got her a dress and I have a few ideas up my sleeve :)
1 yr.. wow...

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